Hotel Booking System

Hotel booking or reservation system provide an environment on which guests to reserve the dates for their stay based on the real-time display of your rates and inventory across all booking channels and finalise their reservation through an online payment portal.

This software not only used in hotel industry but also provide good review oriented business on which you can manage room inventory, rates, and bookings. Also called a central reservations system.

This software provides two types of booking system. Direct and Indirect Booking. Direct booking system are directly connected with the hotel and hotel service provider, so that real time hotel inventory will be display on good user interface. Indirect booking system is offline booking system in which software provides you highly scalable and distributed data base, where business owner can submit there pre-purchase data, and that data can be converted into booking system so that customer can book or issue there pre-purchase inventory.

If you are looking for a hotel reservations system (aka central reservations system or CRS) then you've come to the right place. A central reservation system (CRS) is a platform used by hotels to centrally manage and distribute room inventory, rates, and reservations.

Hotel API Supplier

  • Amadeus
  • Travel Port
  • Sabre Hotel
  • Dasuya hotel
  • TBO
  • Akbar travels
  • Yatra Hotels
  • Vertical Bookings
  • Hotel Spider

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