Travel Agency Software

The name start with Travel that means an agent who provide travel services or we can say a highly organized professional who help us to full fill our travel needs. A Travel agent is a professional to helping individuals and families create memories that will last a lifetime.

Through their expertise, research, and services, individuals can plan vacations or trips that are directly catered to their wants and needs. Planning a dream vacation can be stressful for an individual or a family, and having a travel agent can make the process much easier.

The primary role of a travel agent is to help people make travel arrangements, which might include booking flights, hotels, sightseeing tours, and making dining recommendations. A travel agent assesses each customer’s unique needs, preferences, and budget to ensure their trip goes as smoothly as possible.

So to provide and do there operation smoothly every travel agency needs software which help him and there customer for there need. Our travel agency software is a booking engine with operation. Booking engine are connected with supplier of there need, that means you can connection this software with the supplier whom you are doing back end business. This software will help you to book flight, hotel bus and holiday packages with great user interface. User Interface will you and guide you to book cheap fare and also it will give you sorting and filtering operation which help you to filter your need and choose best for your customers.

Travel Agency Software can also directly connected with bank with the help of payment gateway with multiple payment mode and also directly connect with any bank. This software can collect your payment you can also generate online or offline payment link and send email to your customer and by clicking on the link your customer can pay online and payment will be credited in your bank account. Lots of payment mode are integrated in this software.

Travel Agency Software

  • B2B
  • B2C
  • B2E
  • Distributor Model

B2B Travel Agency Software

B2B stands for Business to Business, that means you sale or purchase with a person who is also doing the same business and agent purchase from supplier and sale in there channel. So to full fill there needs every travel agency needs a software which full fill there business need. With our software agency can be connected directly with airline or any supplier with there preferred business supplier and sale there product online. Travel Agent can add sub-agent and distributor in this software and sale there product and generate revenue.

B2C Travel Agency Software

B2C stands for Business to Customer, that means this is like an online shop (domain) where customer visit and select there required product and pay online and issue there ticket. Now B2C software comes with two application, B2C and Operation software. Travel agency can run this software on his company domain and run there B2C operation and sale there product online.

B2E Travel Agency Software

B2E stands for Business to Enterprises, that means travel agent can give there service to corporate companies and sale there product by using a software. B2E software gives online platform on which corporate companies can create there sale channel and full fill there complete travel requirement. B2E give you option on which you can create multiple sale channel and create separate login for every staff, and staff can login and book there ticket instantly with senior permission. B2E software also provides payment channel on which travel agent can make there reporting and generate online invoices.

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