Travel Reservation Software

A travel reservation software is software which gives you an online platform where you can see and book your requirement and pay online and also gets instants and confirm reservation.

Web-Based Travel Reservations software is online application used to book, retrieve information and perform transactions online. It is designed for travel agents. The Idea of an online reservation system has been around many years however because of speedy era, every one need quick service which is not possible with manual system, now with software this issue fixed permanently with the help of web-based online reservation software. As it also become necessity for businesses and every travel business owner needs this kind of online reservation software.

Web-Based online Travel Reservation software gives you real time update of supplier inventory so that you can save your time and money. Our software are directly connected with airline, hotel and bus suppliers and can also display and load current offers and discount and gives you good rate of fares.

Web-Based online Travel Reservation software is managing big data base of agents and customers. This software manages real time airlines fare, hotel information and bus inventory and provides great user interface and functionality needed by wide range of travel companies, tours operators and travel agents. Web-Based Travel Reservation software also used by travel wholesalers. Our dedicated team is focused on providing innovative technology solution so that they can full fill there business need at once place.

Boost Travel Business

Web-Based online Travel Reservation software, can boost all travel business needs at one place with the help of advanced technology. This software can also reduce your cost of maintenance and can increase revenue and also gives you good reporting structure.

Full fill Operation Needs

Web-Based online Travel Reservation software can also full fill all your operation needs, like it also gives you to manage your staff. This software also gives you many ready to use section which helps you to manage your operations.

  • Reservation Staff Management
  • Accounts Staff Management
  • Sales Staff Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Agents Management
  • User Management
  • Payment Gateway Management
  • Credit Management
  • Daily Sale Report
  • Travel booking calendar.
  • Accounting Ledgers
  • Can connect with any accounting software.
  • Negative Transaction Management
  • Offline Booking Management

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